Important: Mary Lynn Rajskub / The Larry Sanders Show

This weekend we finished the Larry Sanders box set..89 episodes of HEY NOWness and the glorious Rip Torn..I'm still dealing with the loss. (And my attraction to Jeffrey Tambor.) (Hey now.)

This is one of the rare gems of the 90s that I DIDN'T watch; I really don't know how that happened. I think I didn't really give a shit about tv in high school except for MSCL, The State and 120 Minutes.

Anyways, it was fucking fantastic, DUH, with too many amazing moments for THIS blog post, because this is a special spotlight for one important thing. And that thing is the crazy wardrobe of Mary Lou.

I can't believe I had to wait 15 years to fully appreciate Mary Lynn Rajskub. 
Obvs she won a place in my heart by being the best thing on 24 ever, but that was without having prior knowledge of her superduperweirdness as Mary Lou, resident crazypants dresser/talent booker on The Larry Sanders Show.

Men's polyester shirts, chokers, pigtails, baby barrettes..so many top notch ensembles.


If you didn't fully get the genius of the green jacket above, SHE IS WEARING A TEDDY BEAR STOLE.



What is the STORY on this? Did she dress herself?
How did it take eons for me to realize how genius she was?!?

In a show FULL of mayj 90s clothing moments (on the characters of: Larry's first wife, his assistant Beverly, Hank's assistant Darlene, and Original Talent Booker Paula- played by WL hero Janeane Garofalo. I could start a blog just for them, I swear) Mary Lynn's Mary Lou (?!) really takes the cake.

Mental Note: Add Teddy Bear Stole to the crafternoon list.

EDIT: Thank you Katie, for providing more amazing Nineties Rajskub material: PIZZA DELIVERY GIRL REALNESS !


Stefanie said...

I USED TO HAVE A BEANIE BABY LIKE THAT! If I still had it I would send it to you in an instant :( No idea what it was for...maybe one of those magic-bag covers?

Althea said...

She used to be on (some) show on HBO with Bob Odenkirk (my boyfriend) and David Cross.
Check it, cause I can't remember the name of the show. It might have been 'The Show'....

Hard Liquor, Soft Holes said...

teddy bear stole: possibly moschino?

thesmallviking said...

crafternoon how to - stat.

brodie said...

I can't even describe how important Mary Lynn Rajskub is. More than anything because she still looks exactly the same now! Get me your dermatologist's number stat, Rajskub!

See also: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TW6i9KFuq-w
Girl is on CRUTCHES for the whole movie! Hilariousad.

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