Inspired By: Leather, Ladies & Animals

Well well well. IT'S BEEN A WHILE, hasn't it? I think I needed a minicleanse of the blogging variety; holidays and whatnot..you understand.

But I have missed you, blogging and blogfriends!
So much sharing to be done. I DID take a healthy chunk out of my ringfinger while slicing vegetables on a mandoline and so typing is a bit awkward right now..BUT I WILL SOLDIER ON, FOR THE GOD OF THE INTERNETS.

Let's ease into it with the photos that have been inspiring, fascinating and delighting me right now:

1. Kat Bjelland (Babes In Toyland in general, really)
2. Bass Loves Rachel Antonoff red n white penny loafers (spring dreams)
3. Miss Piggy's 80s Working Girl Realness


5. J. Crew brown leather Atlee skirt (Christmas list?!?)
6. Amnesia Kermit giving Steven Alan Realness
7. Eyelet bra by Baszaroza
8. Celapiu braided shrug (crafternoon??)
9. Ernie the Bunny bag, Mandy Coon x Of A Kind (I am a giddy proud owner of one of these, post to come!!)

That was relatively painless! And fun! OH BLOG, I missed you so!!!


Bantik said...

You came back! gr8!:>

Fat Aus said...

babes in toyland = HELL YES

Annie said...

nickis ass is faker than lil kim's tits

jesse.anne.o said...

I was just listening to Fontanelle last week. I love Kat B.

Vee @ Novaa said...

1&4 make me practically giddy...
AND i love that picture of you in your sidebar...why haven't i been following you??

thesmallviking said...

more info on bra please? nothin comes up on the googles.

Emily said...

THAT SKIRT. It's on my Christmas wishlist for sure...so unbelievably perfect.

María Chantal Rodríguez Nilsson said...

that photo of miss piggy & kermit the frog just killed me ahaha!!

love the skirt^^

Masoom R. Minawala said...

Ernie the bunny bag is aaaaaaa-dorable!


fashionsdirtylaundry said...

Yes Wendy Bird, Yes photo No.1, Yes Nicki Minaj. YES KERMIT!

Danielle said...

Wendybird! What a perfect name.


canvas wall art said...

Wonderful pictures, thanks a lot for sharing.

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