Motion Pictures: Rip Torn / Payday, 1973

After marathoning 89 episodes of the Larry Sanders Show, Rip Torn was really elevated to megahero status in my eyes. Everything he says makes me laugh; he's the best grizzled old perv around.

Which is why I was so taken aback to learn that he was a complete Jack Nicholson clone aka hot as hell back in the ol' roarin' Seventies, which was made evident to me when I watched him sing country songs, get drunk n' high, and bang a lot in the 1973 movie Payday.

Did you know he was that fantastically and side-burnedly handsome?!? I had no idea! HEY NOW!

Um..I can't say I thought the movie was great. It was pretty gnarly and depressing, and actually more than a lil boring (??!) but god I LOVE the colors of the 1970s.
The clothes, the landscape, the interiors, the SKINTONE..it was all so much more VIBRANT! That alone can keep me going.

Can you stand it?
Give me avocado tones, wood panels and violet floral butterfly collars any day. Actually, the movie looks pretty great in still form.

Here was one of the few small moments of hilarity, with a strange interlude of FUNKY scoring. I swear the rest of the time he was just drunk and ruining lives.


andrea said...

Check out The Man Who Fell To Earth, if you haven't already... the imagery is glorious!

Sunshine said...

to you, to rip, to the 70s

Colleen said...

why did people have different color skin in the 70's? and why were they so goddamn SHINY?

Sam Harvey said...

he looks like he has meat lovers pizza on his head. shakha khanh. one word....MEATY.

Fox and Fawn said...

Dude, boring? This is one of my favorite movies of all time. Rip Torn is genius and it's got the most perfect ending, come on!

But yes, he was pure sexy 70s manhood wrapped up Western styled package.

NorwegianWood said...

I've been watching a ton of Threes Company lately....same general colour scheme, 30 minute snippets, it's perfect!

simply said...

Ahh it's such a shame, great talent.

Sandy said...

amazinggg xxx

love this!!

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