Spring Preview: Lauren Moffatt SS11

Lauren Moffatt has dubbed her SS11 collection "The Honeymooner (And What She Packed)" and I have to tell you it just tickles me. It's soooo 60s bride!!! (My favorite character to play, and one of the wishes I'll make once that genie lamp shows up. I'll keep ya posted.)

I loved stopping by the studio, as there is a wealth of cute babies and dogs, and Lauren herself who is a delight. I really do have a deep love for all of LM's collections, but this one was so so particularly ME:
The colors and prints are completely in step with how I want my wardrobe: vintage-y girlyness full of color, color, color in all manner of skirts and dresses and dresses and skirts.

I'm particularly taken with the green tiny floral print, the electric pink skirt, the thickly embroidered pink n white daisy pieces and my personal perfect perfect perfection item: the ice blue silk cape (with gold embroidered lining!!!). I will wear that on my wedding day, and I will be ecstatic. Well, my wedding day or a trip to Trader Joes. Really, anywhere.

If waiting until the thaw of 2011 for some LM doesn't suit you (and how could it possibly?)...The Fall10 Sample Sale is happening Tuesday (today!) and Wednesday. See you there !


cosmic visions said...

shit! the capri pants outfit is killing me

thesmallviking said...

holy crap, love.

Briana said...

so adorable! love.


Gabriela said...

that blue cape is MAGIC! jeezuz.

Amandine said...

The whole collection is very, very 60s and I love it.

nicolette said...


also, the entire first look. especially with those miu miu oxford platforms. diediedie.

nicoleonlywalks said...

I am so eyeing the inner details of the cape. It's as cute as the outside.

Julia Svenson- Haart said...

AHHH THIS KILLS ME!!! It's my favourite collection EVER!!! I think i'm absolutely madly in love with every single piece! Love your pics of the details, makes me love it more than I already did!

We don't get LM in Australia :(

Jessi Lou, The Chic Addict said...

Oh my sweet baby Jesus! This is incredible. I can't decide which I like best. So Brady Bunch! :)


BEES'NETTA said...

Ugh, this is wonderful!

Marie said...


that cape!!!!!!!!

Scarlett said...

This stuff is so cute!


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