Today's Special: Black and White and Red All Over

Giantly oversized red sweater coat, vintage // lil' red pouch: Rebecca Minkoff // Fresh bangs, new hair scissors (I have eyebrows again, how novel!)


Bella said...

Awesome. Love the coat. That's my favorite shade of red.

Misanthropic Pulp said...

I have to agree with Bella, that coat rocks
and so does Kurt Cobain.

With Love

Gabriela said...

yay for the bangs and yay for the coat! and a special yay for the desktop background! GETS MY VOTE FOR COOLEST PHOTO IN THE WORLD

Amber Blue Bird said...

the color of your coat is divine, very pretty

JoeyAna said...

i love me some fresh bangs!


death_sexxx said...

this is awesome to look at

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