Today's Special: Coogi Weather

Oh hey noowwwwww.. What's that you say? The thermometer is below 50? Time to BUST OUT THE EYEBALL ASSAULTING COLOR ORGY I call mah Coogi sweater. Plus my Chloé docs, which are made for Fall livin' and this Marc by Marc skirt that I stole from my sister about 6 years ago (oops, sowwy TBonz).

I also wore a wool wrap OVER a black cape OVER this enormous sweater, which gave me the silhouette of a teetering globe, or someone who was trying to smuggle 2 small people out of some sort of cold weather country..that is to say, BULKY. File that under Who Cares.

Sweater: Coogi, thrifted in Quogue // Skirt: ancient Marc by Marc Jacobs // Boots: Chloé docs // Blanket-Wrap-Serape: thrifted, Portland


Bealerrr said...

you look so so perfect in this. love the colour orgy :)


Nicole said...

I've never seen a Cosby sweater look so hip. Cute outfit.

Suzanne said...

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Sophie said...

Sexy docs.

Violet said...

haha i love your stlye of writing and definately that that sweater

Vi from Cali

Carnivorous Seaweed said...

Really digging the boots. They have serious Joan Jett circa 1977 vibes.
And your sweater reminds me of Bill Crosby.
They should get married.

Alex said...

gorgeous boots :)

Teresa Halminton said...

Love the boots, so great!! The boots is exactly my favorite ^^
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