Today's Special: The Day After

I will say with complete conviction that yesterday's birthday was the best I have had in the longest time. SO good, in fact, that I was barely able to crack open my eyeballs this morning and get it together to WORK.

I've been freelancing for the past week at a Conde fashion mag and all day pajamathon was not an option.

I mean..I guess it could be but I am already a bit of a sore thumb in the office, best not to be a total freak.

This navy blue polyester dress with white white embroidery was a birthday gift from my sister! She raided her boyfriend's grandma's stash of amazing old shit. I love it!! It's too big and a bit long for me but I was into it today, especially with a Zana Bayne harness, which I wear now instead of a belt basically um..all the time.

ChloƩ doc boots. Comfortable and so walkable but really poorly made. Or at least not made for New York walkin- the soles fall apart ALL the time !

I mean, not my FULL state of mind but perhaps a tad close.

The evening before, birthday festivities, I call this Tribe Elder Casual:

Dress, vintage (Portland, last summer), headdress borrowed from Louise Sturgesphoto by Louise Sturges.

I'm considering this Day One of a new year, I think it's gonna be ACES.


Anonymous said...

that navy dress is so good on you and nice work on the harness - you're making it look easy!
i read this zine about headdresses though, i don't know if you'd want to have a read?
anyway, happy birthday!

Unknown said...

glad you had an awesome day of birth!
You look banging xx

Shay said...

haha, glad you included the last pic, thought you were going all conservative on us for a moment. ;) Happy birthday!

maggie said...

cute! head dress haters are the worst.

cosmic visions said...

gosh dang u so cute, happy birthday, sweet dress

Sailor Jamee said...

YES. zana bayne leather + white lightning is incredible.

myga said...

that indian hat is amaziing <3 I love it haaha U look so cute ;D

Anonymous said...

i love your blog but the headdress posts make me uncomfortable. have you read any of the posts or links here?

would like to know what you think.

william said...

Love that you wear the harness in such an adorable way. Harnesses are always very DOOM AND GLOOM - which is good, too - but this is a refreshing change. And stop itttt with those Chloes!!!

Oracle Fox said...

Ohhh my goodness I want that headdress! Great blog!



Sunshine said...

haha i catch less crap for wearing fur than you do for wearing a headdress!
dude you know in your heart that traditional Greek garb is all you should be leaving the house in.

Anonymous said...

Hipsters in Native American Headdresses...NOTHING CLICHE ABOUT THAT AT ALL.

Anonymous said...

you look erotic in a headdress. Please smoke the pipe of peace with me.

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