Today's Special: Lightning LaBeija

I am in a weird outfit zone these days.
I was taking my office hours with L. Arfin, Esquire last week and we rewarded ourselves with a quick stop in to Stella Dallas, where this perfect heather grey sweatshirt seduced me into purchasing it, and talked me into wearing it every day. With tulip skirts. And fancy shoes.

I have entered a new phase. 

It's an interesting plane of consciousness. Everything looks better with heather grey.

PS, I thought EROTIC STATE was a real college for a minute.
Wait..is it a real college? IN MY DREAMS?

I don't know if it's the flip flopping weather or just routine ennui but I feel disenchanted with most of my wardrobe. Am I just going through some kind of psychological change in my life?

PPS This movie never gets old. If you have NOT seen it yet then we can't be friends again until you do.
PPPS I am wearing this sweatshirt as I write this. I am nothing if not fully committed to this odd little item.


Fayoona said...

ffs, i went to a dud university. erotic state would have been a wet dream come true.
x fi

Anonymous said...

ahhh where did you get that sweater??x

Michele said...

I have seen this movie. Multiple times. Friends?

Isabelle said...

I love that film, pioneers of close to the bone dressing.

ps- my span filter is telling me to type 'gradeate' Maybe that what you when you finish at the Erotic State Uni. "I just gradeated! Woo!"

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