Can't Wait: Portlandia

Portlandia started filming a week after I came home from my annual Portland Summer quest, I wanted so badly to interview Fred Armisen or at the very least score some sort of cameo but sadly I just have to wait until January 21st like the rest of us revel in the comic hilarity of my most favorite city.

Please watch, and perhaps get a taste for what I love so much about it.

*It is probably important to note that at a party on my first night ever in Portland, Oregon I was shown a cell phone picture of Fred Armisen's quite sizable flaccid peen by some girl he had dated there (pre-marriage to Peggy Olsen). 
EDITOR'S NOTE: There was a remote control in the frame "for scale". 



Isabel said...

Dream destination: Portland?!

laia. said...

YES! Fred Armisen peen story is my favorite story.

laia. said...

also fred armisen AND carrie brownstein is pretty much all my interests rolled into one.

Eyeliah said...

a city where young people go to retire, lol

Tim Moore said...

I'm kinda blown away about how accurate it is. I can't really deny anything about that video.

lez said...

Have you seen "Put A Bird On It"? Post that one.

Beverly said...

Portland has replaced Minneapolis as the ultimate punk retirement village.

Kylie said...

ummm, hi there

Ben said...

I love portland! have you ever had a voodoo dounut?


AngieMontreal said...

Holy shit, I didn't know Porland was the Montreal of the southwest! Seriously, Montreal is pretty much exactly like that, I've never known so many self employed people who work like 2 days a week in my life. Unfortunately I'm one of the self employed people who has managed to still commit myself to a good 6 day workweek...where did I go wrong...

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