Contest: Aldo / Let's Dance- Updates

As you may remember, I am currently wielding some serious power in the form of ALDO DANCE CONTEST JUDGE (one of a few).

To refresh your memory (which may be like mine, that is to say akin to a goldfish):
You dance to our selected song, upload so the universe can watch you on the internets, and based on points (that you get for tweeting, FBing, youtube liking your vid) and our expert opinions..you can win $2,500 Amurrican dollars (and $500 bucks at ALDO).

I mean..that's a lot of money, let;s get real.

I check in every few days to see what amazing little movies are being made. 
Here are some of my favorites:

These are just a few on my list..

Just so you know, you've got until December 6 to submit your gorgeous visions. Where's your video?!?!!? Get to it !


Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

The boombox is my favorite; I'm hopping it gets the judges pick. ;)

Unknown said...

This is a great promotion, very clever.. I'm looking forward to seeing who wins the "Most Creative" Award. Kudos to you for being selected as a judge!


OliviaGrace said...

Oh goodness, a viewer I had on youtube informed me that my video was posted here as a favorite, and let me just say that is such an honor. I had to come check it out and it like made my day. How lovely, and I was extremely stoked. I'm ecstatic that you like it. Thanks! :)

brendan donnelly said...

i vote hannah

Teresa Halminton said...

They can dance on heels and I can't even walk properly. Anyways, Aldo is a great brand.
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joni said...

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