Destination: Wendy Nichol Store

Last week I stopped by the delicious lil jewel that is the new storefront & studio of White Lightning love Wendy Nichol (147 Sullivan St.). In the hour or so I hung out, the customers varied from a Mom buying multiple necklaces-wrapped as gifts- for herself and a kooky college gal with pink streaks and the weirdest boots ever to and old friend of mine from the Times who stopped in to say hi.

There are the usual whipstitched gorgeous bags (leather, ponyhair and a SECRET SPRING COLLAB)

And now Wendy has started knitting...SCARVES and WRAPS and..wall art?

 Her gorgeous jewelry:

My bullet bag, in  luxe-y LIPSTICK RED

There are cozy seats by the door and an unending glass of red wine found its way into my hand..I didn't wanna leave ! Highly recommend a pop in.


Insomnia said...

What incredible items!
That red bag to die for!!!

Taj said...

omgzz!! I needz all da jewelery and dat bullet bag!!NAO!!!

Megan said...

That red bag is amazing, all one needs to make an outfit.

nicolette said...

want want want want WANT. i've been lusting after an amazing wendy nichol bucket bag. black. so luxe.

Unknown said...

One fur grab to go please!


Unknown said...

i want them all! so stylish items!


Can you even handle how lovably perfectly MAGIC Wendy is?

My boyfriend got me that bronzey shell ring with the blk diamond for my birthday and I haven't taken it off since.

Love her, him and YOU!

Mulika Harnett said...

Your bullet bag has me yearning badly! I adore!

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