Holidaze Update: Easing Back Into Reality

Digging myself out of post blizzard/holiday/perma-pajama life.
Will take a lot of pics today to start posting again in earnest tomorrow!!

We could allllll use a lil patience, right?

PS: the lustiness runneth over in this video, which for a time DOMINATED the MTV rotation; it had to have bene on like 30 times a day at least. Who do you want to bone more, Slash or Duff? It's a toss up, really.

PPS: Axl's hip gyrations are (Izzy) straddling a line between comical and XXX, no?


death_sexxx said...

axl <3

SunnyGurl said...

Yay for Axl!

Ben said...

It's still christmas time till epiphany.


NorwegianWood said...

Trivia of the day Part I:
Patience is the first song I slow danced to
Trivia of the day Part II:
I had to wait about 2hrs for the boy to ask me to dance. At a basement party. I think the song was most appropriate.

Blake said...

Small world!
My friend recently referred me to your blog and after coming here I was thinking, "I have seen this girl".

Did we by chance meet while I was working at Uniqlo and you were wearing a harness (which I have yet to buy from your referral) and buying one of our orange, fur fleeces?

Beckerman Girls said...

Hey gorgeous!!!! Sooo awesome hangin' in NYC! We wanted to wish you LOTS OF AWESOMENESS for 2011!!! Happy NYE!!!! MWAH MWAH And MWAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
kisses and hope to see you soon!
xoThe Beckerman Girls


Ben said...

Brilliant song, and exactly what i need this morning. Thanks for posting!

www.miss-athenes.net said...

i love the shamelessness with which Axl has knotted his tee at the back to make it tight. Obvs his leggings just werent enough! Pure lust though all of them, i might have to have a proper G n R sess today, lust revisited!

Madame G said...

Have you been watching Married to Rock? Duff and his wife are in it - I am addicted!!

tara-lynn said...

i was always an izzy girl myself

Sam Harvey said...

I'd like to bone sir mix a lot but that's just me. posse up! happy shnew year girly.

Anonymous said...

Slash. Definitely. The snake can watch.

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