In My Orbit: Black & White

It seems I wait until the winter to bust out the monochromes; as of late it's blacks n whites, 2 colors that are not usually that prevalent in my wardrobe...but the theme keeps popping up

1. My well-loved Wendy Nichol bullet bag. The white leather is getting a bit grimy but I think I like it that way.

2. Standard winter look: black swoolen slouchy capecoat with toggles (thrifted! gift from my sister), Yokoo Pembroke cowl in oatmeal, Wendy Nichol bag, Topshop 120 den black tights (BEST for opaqueness & price!), Maison Martin Margiela white clogs

3. Detail of my Yokoo cowl..I am now starting my 3rd winter of wearing it most every day (I was an early supporter!). It's a scarf, a hood, a poncho-depending on the day. I get compliments constantly- everyone wants one.

4. Just Kids by Patti Smith. I read this in 2 days and want to read it again and again...I CRIED at the end! Keep in mind I have maybe heard a PS song once in my life (I am an aesthetic fan, but not really into her beyond that?).What I AM a fan of is old New York. Ya know- the times when you could run into Jimi Hendrix on St Marks Place and you bought grilled cheese for like 30 cents at automats. If you love a story of another weirder, freer, hippier time..you will love this book.

5. This sweater was 3 dollars at the church thrift store on 21st Street and I am in love with it. Not FULLY black and white but close enough. It's gleefully bulky and squishy and soft. Totes looks Opening Ceremony-ish, no?

6. Ernie, my Mandy Coon x Of A Kind bunny bag!!! He has a black SEQUIN EYE! And a black leather butt. I love you, Ernie.


o s o p o l a r said...

uooooooooo !!! the bunny bag is amazing

jo said...

you look like you have such an awesome collection of knits! i love looking at closeups of knits and you just got me there. love ernie too!

Shannon said...

by the way, http://www.whippedlightning.com/

Jessi Lou, The Chic Addict said...

I am insanely jealous that both you and Tavi have this adorable bunny bag! And I would love to read that Patti Smith book. She's one of my idols.


mrs. winterbottom said...

Brilliant as usual, the close ups of the knits are 2 die 4...sooo cuddly! btw I wanted to BE Patti Smith growing up...I still do! The book is amazing! And perfect for b&w!

Stefanie said...

As I said on twitter, and still think: best outfit!!!

laia. said...

ditto on patti.

and i will put that book next in my real life queue.

C.McConnell said...

love your blog. xo sequins and cigarettes


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