It's That Time of Year

IT'S CHRISTMAS! It doesn't matter how old I get, I still get a thrill outta Christmas morning- coffee in our pajamas and goofy stuff in our stockings and legit fun family times all day long.

Let's all be merry and celebrate while this tune (in my top 3 of Christmas songs- along with Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer and Dominic the Donkey) runs ceaselessly through our minds.

SIDENOTE: Could almost everyone look more BORED? Who has less enthusiasm- Sting or Jody Watley (OMG JODY WATLEY)? FEED THE WORLD, YOU GUYS. And try not to look so miz while you're doin it, ok?
Not to be missed: A young Boy Goerge doing "casual", George Michael's frosted lesbian hairdo, Simon LeBon's shoulder pads, Phil Collins pounding the drums and I never realized how much Bono looks...like Michael Showalter?

ENJOY (how could you not?)
HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!!!! Hope yours is warm and fuzzy and full of nog!



Cara said...


Fashion Intel said...

This is my boyfriend's favorite Christmas song and his continual singing of it is really getting on my nerves!

im said...

jingiddy jing hee haw hee haw
nice, i didn't know other people knew that song existed. :D

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