Just Saying: Jangle What?

I spotted this in the window of a ju-ree store in midtown. There are faster ways to make your establishment seem less respectable but they would all be much less WTF than this jangle right here:

I like to imagine that each machine-gun toting ski-masked bank robber is lovingly hand-crafted by old women who use the tweezers of their ancestors to place each and every rhinestone on this charming piece. Love that they left the gun unadorned, so chic don't you think?

Question: Do they sell this for actual money or do you just wrest it from them by force?


Alison at Wardrobe Oxygen said...

Oh god WTF? Who would wear such a thing? Oh nevermind, I can think of several idiots who would find it fabulous...

Unknown said...

I really wonder how much they ask for stuff like this! Sometimes you think you've seen it all when it comes to bad taste and then something still surprises you!

Amanda said...

wooah major WTF

Unknown said...

This is a major LOL! Who would come up with this!?


Sunshine said...

this replaces the gold-plated security tag as tops on my xmas list.

Colleen said...

sort of makes you want to rob the place, doesn't it?

pachuco hands said...

TOO MANY THUG STREAMS IN ONE PIECE! It would make an epic Prada keychain/handbag charm, no?

Audrey said...

bling is outta control ugly

Anonymous said...

You know who'd wear it? Jane from Sea of Shoes would.

pachuco hands said...


I kinda feel like Jane of Sea of Shoes would not wear this piece. Her love does not extend to absurd rap idolatry. She's into animals mostly.

Anonymous said...

you're right, replace the machine gun for an encrusted cockroach.

pachuco hands said...


Anonymous said...

Have you seen this individual? He mugged our workshop during working hours. Luckily enough our crafty jewelers were able to create an exact replica of the robber. If you have any leads call: 1800-BLIING-ROBB

Anonymous said...

The amount of work gone into such a hideous piece of tat, oh dear, one can only imagine what their Therapist hears

Unknown said...

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