Just Saying: My Whole Life is a Dark Room

The sad dead tiny red flower buds in the foreground really just complete this lil' goth moment, doesn't it? There there, MK, the sun will come out again!

I love your pants.

PS WHERE DO I GET THAT UMBRELLA? It's Daphne Guinness as a water shield. Or perhaps ALT is now donating scraps from his caftans to make chic accessories for the girl who has everything?

EDIT: You can get a reasonable facsimile here, purchasable in Canadian dollars. Although really, in purple it doesn't have the same "permanently at a funeral in my mind" vibe that a black version does..(thanks for the link, Poochie!)


ZANA BAYNE said...

The accentuated flared trousers really boost the "I'm melting" effect!

meg said...

oh MY GOD. i believe that i have told your sister the goth mary kate story about crying and smoking. ask her about the story. if she doesnt remember, i will relay it to you via my tumblr or something. because its brilliant and you WOULD DIE. TRUST ME.

Taj said...

all the little bloggertown girlies are gonna start wearing flared trousers now. mark my word!!

Morgan Rose said...

altough MK looks like something from dr. zeus...i do really want that umbrealla
Kisses M x
Bathbombs and Sequins

Anonymous said...


the chic addict said...

For reals. I see it.


Sarah said...

Flared trousers? Hmmm, it reminds me a little too much of the marble-wash affairs I paraded in as a teenager. They'd totally get stuck in my bike spokes, fail!
Sarah xx


Anonymous said...

I have to say....
flares are pretty fly :P

Taj said...


Sophie Frances said...

Her umbrella looks like that comme des garcons coat rei did last season I love beetlejuice that is one of my favorite movies ever

Anonymous said...


Thekla said...

i love MK style!!!its so amazing<333 xxxxx

http://inablondeworld.blogspot.com/ check it out if you want!!!!!:)

mrs. winterbottom said...

As a fully active umbrella addict, I thank you VERY much for the link. WhAT a fantastic pic!

Rachel said...

Hey Eliz I think that umbrella is by Chantal Thomass, it was from about a year ago though:


canvas print said...

That is one crazy umbrella, love it!

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