Musical Appreciation: Tennis/South Carolina

GOOD MORNING, HAPPY MONDAY! Good grief, my head is splitting..Christmas cheer has a nasty hangover when Christmas cheer is multiple hot whiskeys sucked down with a straw. TMI?

Let's start the week in high spirits..Tennis is getting me through this morning !


Fat Aus said...

YES! I have been loving Tennis lately. In theory they're the perfect summer soundtrack but the whole summer thing isn't really working out too well in Melbourne right now, they set the mood for it though.

Marie said...

YES! I am so obsessed with them AND listening to them at this very mome. PSYCHIC!! They make me happy and lovey unlike Best Coast who makes me feel pathetic and depressed.

annie said...

that is the downside of christmas fun - the hangover. This song will help you through it though, it is fantastic!

Ben said...



Teresa Hamilton said...

When I watch the video, I thought this video is released in 80s :D

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