Out & About: Miu Miu Musings

I'm noooooot entirely sure how to put last Friday's experience into words..but I'll try; for you friends..for you. I had the extreme pleasure and honor of being invited to the first Miu Miu Musings, an intimate salon that will be held to discuss a variety of topics..we began with What Is Fashion, hosted by Shala Monroque and led by Andre Leon Talley.

I mean.

..What IS Fashion, anyway right?

Based on the slightly surreal experience of the other night, fashion is a lot of things.
It's a small brightly lit room full of chartreuse brocade (I love it so so much) full of Major Looks, Andre Leon Talley's stories about Madame Vreeland, the new Cleopatra book, fantastic books and gorgeous candies, pronouncing it MAH-NAY-KHAN instead of the way perhaps you and I say MANNEQUIN, a gorgeously lithe girl in a golden turban and shocking red knit minidress, Mrs Obama's mix, wishing to be Julia Restoin for a day, a fur muff the size of a king size pillowcase, and teenaged sons of supermodels that have to be seen to be believed. Teenaged sons that at ages 14 & 16 wear Dior Homme suits and full Galliano sequined outfits and multiple diamond rings. (Yes. I am serious..please look to the photos and spot his creative tie placement)

And for added ecstacy..the Miu Miu SS11 collection was out for fondling.

Moments of magicalness, right this way:

I wore a vintage psychedelic polyester dress, my Brook&Lyn surrounded necklace, and Ernie the Mandy Coon x OfAKind bunny bag.

ALT asked who made my dress and I said it was thrift !!! I didn't want to lie and I felt fine being myself. And he LOVED the bunny bag! VERY EXCITING, very surreal, very insane, very incredible.

Thank you ALT, thank you Shala, thank you Miu Miu !


AngieMontreal said...

Total mind explosion

Doni Brown said...

I'm so jealous right now!


Anonymous said...

Good God!

Anonymous said...

This lighting looks insane.

sequingown said...

Some people are lucky!Well,as fashion lover, you can imagine how jealous I am right now, i don't have to tell you!Ahah

o s o p o l a r said...

the miu miu collection is amazing.

your blog also !!!

Vancouverista said...

ummm WOW

emily said...

I LOVE THAT YOU WENT IN THRIFT!!! Hell yeah girl. Way to keep it real real. Looks so amazing! I would faint if I was in a room with ALT.

Christina said...

This fills my heart with longing.

I welcome the return of The Salon. I see a WL Crafternoon Salon in the future....

istarblog said...

look you have awesome activities there

finkalixius said...

im just amazed on these pictures..:)

Emily said...

This post KILLS me, so much so that I actually posted about your post. I needed to direct attention to this amazingness...it's every fashion blogger's dream come true!

mrs. winterbottom said...

You are a baddasss, what more can I say...except that you also look mahvelous! Way to go girl!!!!

Vancouverista said...

Inquiring minds want to know: Did anyone there actually eat any of the candy?

Fashion Forestry said...

Soooo lucky! If only!!

Nicole said...

I love how in the 8th photo down there's some ladies doing the Sophia Loren vs. Jayne Mansfield face! Lotta eyes!!!
I think I may be the only person who feels this way about the new collection, but it's very 80's thrift store party girl leather-no?

DaisyFairbanks said...

Wow. Looks like you're in good company! And I love that you proudly wore vintage.

fuschiaaa said...

Seriously, who is that gorgeous woman with the red dress, long limbs and golden turban? She is blowing my mind. I want to be her. PRAY TELL!

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