Recent Acquisitions: Christmasyness

Presents presents presents...some for me, some for you! Well, not all of you. Mostly for my family. But that could be YOU?

Gift to myself, 2 prints from 20x200:
Lovebirds, by Luke Stephenson. I'm going to frame them and hang them over my bed.

A gift to myself, with generous help from Kate Spade!
A pair of pink patent leather flats. So perfectly different than anything I own, and therefore the obvious choice. Worn with vintage silk stockings that won't stay up (adding garters to my wishlist) to match my wrappings, bien sur bien sur.

My gifts to others! Brown kraft wrapping paper from Kate's Paperie, robin's egg blue embossed paper and neon ribbons from JAM paper store, hangtags from Target, and a few assorted strings and fabric strips that I reused for ribbons (for boy presents).

On top of these various delights, everyone gets homemade compost cookies. I mean am I a great gift-giver OR WHAT?

What's everyone getting or giving this weekend??!?!


Bantik said...

I love your new shoes!!

I packing my gift now :D

Jessi Lou, The Chic Addict said...

Beautiful Kate Spade shoes! You do a much better job of wrapping than I do, for the record.


Masoom R. Minawala said...

I love love love love your new shoes <3


death_sexxx said...

wow your an good wrapper!! these look gorgeous!

Karla-Elizabeth said...

baking biscotti for everyone. and i mean, EVERYONE. 30 boxes full of it and i'm done. loving the shoes. very virginal.

Ben said...

I'm getting some purple pants and blue pants and hoping for armadillo shoes. Can't tell what I'm giving though, I whant it to be a surprise! Come see my blog after christmas and I will post pictures of what I got and gave.


Sophie said...

I LOVE your wrapping paper.
Merry x-mas

darbie said...

pretty!! i ALWAYS love brown paper packages tied up with strings!! honestly...if i could wrap myself up in kraft paper and wear it...i would. hmm...crafternoon ideas?

Hanna Cousins said...

love the shoes, great shade of pink! and they look cute posed next to anything :)

Anonymous said...

That was a really nice way of Darby saying, "why didn't you use my wrapping paper?"

Vegetarian Girl said...

Great shoes! So girly and quaint x

DON'T FORGET THE 'Y' said...

As if there weren't already enough reasons to admire you, here is another. Forget the gift-giving, it's all about the package! I have respect and undying love for the art of gift-wrapping (in the non-Macy's-holiday-gift-wrap-for-free-at-customer-service way).

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