Today's Special: Holiday Cheerz

I attended one of my favorite of all Christmas parties last weekend, the annual Walter & Melissa Martin holiday situation. Their apartment is beautiful, the people are fun and the food is amazing. Plus you get really drunk and stay til at least 3 AM. Or at least..I do? This is what i wear in such FESTIVE situations:

plaid flannel button-down: thrift // silver sequin skirt: Gap (highly recommend! cheap and versatile...wear it like it's denim, ya know?) // super black tights: Topshop 120 den // cheap red wine that I brought

I love Christmas!!!


Fat Aus said...

love love love the plaid shirt with the sequin skirt!

death_sexxx said...

glitter skirt with plaid shirt is perfect doll!

sara said...

i agree with what the two ladies above said.

Doni Brown said...

Great look! Love the skirt!


Jessi Lou, The Chic Addict said...

Saw that skirt! I might buy it now. I love how you wore it with a flannel.


minkandcappuccino said...

love the sequin skirt


twitter @divalicious_m

Colleen said...

I love that you've mixed the two Christmas classics of plaid flannel and sequins. But I'm pretty sure only you could pull it off.

Anonymous said...



love the mix of prints/textures w/this look, fab!
feel free to Follow Me xoxo
twitter: @FASHION_ICE

Annushka said...

I love this post!!!))) Your blog is very beautiful!!!

plaid skirts for women said...

The sequin skirt is adorable!

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