Today's Special: Red & Denim

I can't stop wearing my Brook&Lyn surrounded necklace. I love it, I love it, I love it. It's handmade and has green agates (I let Mimi herself choose the color for me) and people stop to ask about it AND, as far as this gal is concerned: it makes pretty much anything into a dress.

denim shirt-as-dress: Levi's, thrifted // red tights: American Apparel // custom red clogs: No.6 // necklace/harness: Brook&Lyn surrounded day // nail polish: American Apparel

There are so many possibilities..a belt, a sash, maybe suspenders? Must keep playing.
Soooo glad I forgot to snap my pocket closed for the pic, but that's where I carry my phone...self-styling fail. Oopsydoopsssss.


Genevieve said...

i love these necklaces too! it seems like they would go with everything, the outfit you are wearing transforms it into a western bolo. i like jewelry that acts like clothing. sneaky

Lee said...

Those necklaces are awesome! I'd love to wear something like that but I'm pretty sure that my chest situation doesn't need any more help being defined...

Could be funny though.... =]


Michele said...

I love this necklace! I saw it on Park&Cube a while ago, so I looked it up and it is pretty much OUT of my price range. Too bad. But maybe a DIY is in order? It looks GUH-REAT on you by the way! xx

M said...

I blogged about the same necklace last week - this fine post of yours is just making me want them all the more. I love the colour used!

Vegetarian Girl said...

The other day I thought 'wouldn't red tights look great with a denim shirt' and I have just remembered it is because I saw this post. Love this look. Necklace especially!

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