Today's Special: Winter Wear & Funny Face

It's cold, it's not cold, it's cold, it's not cold. Luckily this wool cape coat is lined (and the sleeved are attached!) and can be worn either way.

1960's Juniors wool capecoat: Portland thrifts // Knee-high leather motorcycle boots: vintage store in Rome // Swifty Lazar sunnies: Lanvin x H&M

Love these sunglasses so hard (special Thanks to Faran for picking them up for me..), they were the 1 item on my Lanvin wish list and I feel lucky to have gotten a pair!

Although I get the distinct feeling that Alber was strongly influenced by Swifty Lazar aka the male equivalent of Iris Apfel when the design was conjured up...

This guy knew what was up.


Anaïs Ninja said...

hahah seeing that picture of swifty made everything complete.

Fat Aus said...

gimme that cape!

Cara said...

I really really didn't like Lanvin x H&M but I do have to admit that those glasses are the frizzle.

Insomnia said...

Looking fierce, lady!
The sunglasses really rock!

Sarah said...

I'm totally hearting the glasses, but to be honest I'd much rather just BE that man!He looks like he's so full of KNOWLEDGE!

Six Six Sick said...

HOLY SHIT! You're so lucky to have gotten ahold of those sunnies! And the cape is pretty rad too.

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