Have iPhone, Will Travel: Bags, Brights & Vinyl

A few highlights from the past week or so. My favorite page from this month's Vogue, coffee with Indigo, Coco, Lesley's kitchen, Michelle & Gene's cake topper, a ladies room at Pratt, Kathleen's office, Just Married, my new plaid cape, an ancient fire alarm, teenytinerson Céline totes at Barney's, a Poor Box is a real thing??!, macarons with Molly, fake dog, Jil Sander inspired brights, surprise awesome package from Mexican Summer


Absolutely Mrs. K said...

God I love Macarons. They have it all, great taste;great colors and a sugar overdose. Nobody can escape the digital revolution! We are all children of the revolution: we are all connected. I love your snaps, we can see the world trough your eyes.

Doni Brown said...

I love this! Great inspiration and great pictures!


Sailor Jamee said...

I hate to be so bandwagon-y but the Celine bags really are that good...

Flossie, Monster Munch Blog said...

Love your blog! Defo will follow (if i find the button!) i love these pictures very inspiring and makes me hungry those coloured merangue things i forgot what they are called but iv seen many pictures on other blogs on them- i think lots of people think they are inspiring and just good to take/look at picture of!
Check out my blog? Flossie xx

Nikki | The Ginger Diaries said...

I love those Céline totes! x


Love all these bright colours!
I need more colour in my wardrobe and life in general this year...

Claire said...

Oh man, I just love this so much. The colours are just so perfect.

Unknown said...

These photos are amazing !

Anonymous said...

Love your new plaid cape. and I NEED to get myself an all-neon outfit asap. Thanks for the inspirashons.

Miss Molly said...

this is a very cool bright post! i love your blog, first time visiting from South Africa!

Have added your blog to my every day reads list because i know i will be back for more


Anonymous said...

That fake dog is awesome!

Camila F.

fashionsdirtylaundry said...

I absolutely adore this editorial-- especially the color range. The mini Celine is fantastic!

Leah said...

that editorial from this month's vogue made me buy it, i am obsessed!

Jamie said...

macarons are the best ever, and that was my favorite image from that editorial - love the lime + those pradas :) peace! xx

canvas art prints said...

What a brilliant post, thanks for sharing it with us and it seems Instagram is the new thing to do!

flights to auckland said...

If asked which words one associated with the Sahara, only the most dedicated surrealist might be expected to offer "whale".

Lily O'Donovan said...

The dog statue looks better than all others .
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