Holidaze Update: Oh Hai, 2011


I rang in 2011 in an epic way with people I heart and admire. I sorta forgot you could have legit FUN on New Year's Eve! I have successfully ignored a megacold for the past 2 days in order for my fun to reach maximum potential.

Since I don't really dig on "resolutions", I am going to spend today watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer on my ipad and getting excited to attack 2011 at full trottle..on Monday. After I get my voice back and can breathe through my nose. SEXXXY!

I will think good thoughts for a happy happy wonderful amazing exciting 2011 for all of you, k? XO


Anonymous said...

Happy new year!!
Your blog is beautiful, I invite you to stop by my new blog. greetings and affection.
Elisa from Argentina

the chic addict said...

Happy New Year!


Cara said...

HAPPY 2011!!

softspoken said...

happy happy new year!

Unknown said...

Happy New Year! Check out my commemorative 2011 Blingee


Lesley said...

Happy New Year!!! I'm doing the same thing right now! Buffy! <3

Colleen said...

buffy is on netflix instant view, so i might must have to break down and finally watch it, since i was too young for it when it was actually on. (haha, i bet that made you feel old!) no offense. happy new years!

deborah said...

i just love your blog!! it's one of the first ones i go to all the time. happy new year! x

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