Just Saying: I Know What You Watched Last Weekend

I feel so close to Inez & Vinoodh right now; I am obvi not the only one steadily working their way through the entire Buffy The Vampire Slayer series on Hulu, as their most recent cover shoot for V #69 is straight from the Hellmouth:

I mean..right?

Nicky Minaj = The First Slayer, Buffy's ancestor of vamp killins.

Slayer Vibes, so hot for '11 !


Anonymous said...

Identical! They should've tried to cover up her boobs thought. I feel like those melons are about to pop out and kill me!

Mihaela said...


Not -.-

fabienne said...

Oh great.
I love to discover those kind of links.
Like little secrets, and you feel you have the same culture
Anyway, well done

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Anonymous said...

YUSS! Time to crack out the leather pants and get our Faith on!!

Five by five! =]

Kylie said...

May I take it a step further and suggest a comparison to the Spirit of Jazz http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oaql3gsspBc&feature=related


Caitlin said...

buffy boxet - the greatest gift i have ever given myself. i like the one where no one speaks and people get their hearts cut out xx

Tess said...

hahhah that is hilarious!! pretty much identical. Nicky Minaj is a tad cray-cray. lovin' your blog. now following!

xxo Tess S.

deborah said...

is that 10% pigment or 90% pigment? inquiring minds want to know.

deborah said...

oh and my email is:
thanks! love your blog=)

go cry wolf said...

not sure if i could pull it off :(

hope you can:

send something to salvador (:
http://dearsalvador.blogspot.com [new blog]

or just come by the moonchild's:

rena. (:

the chic addict said...

Hahaha, yes! I love Buffy! And Nicki Minaj is starting to grow on me.


Anonymous said...

Interesting. I don't really like the cover shoot picture. I like the original slayer better It reminds me of Rodarte.

Brie at DISfunkshion Magazine said...

Wha?! Love, love, love Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Great comparison--so, so true.

Anonymous said...

Damn right!Ahah!The things you find out!

Nicci St. Bruce said...

I love her, but this is a striking resemblance.

jennine said...

i was wondering about that shoot... like it was just weird for wierd's sake... and those boobs woah.

she says she likes to style herself though, so maybe she's a huge BTVS fan.

who isn't?

This comment has been removed by the author.
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