Not Mad About It: Faves Collab With Faves

Ok so maaayyyybeeeee we are all teetering on epic COLLAB fatigue.
I know, I know.

How bout...just two more?

I'm sorry, can't be mad about this. H&M x Swedish Hasbeens! Cmon, don't be a hater! This is exciting. Exept I think you can only buy these in Sweden. Which obviously blows. But still! There's a LACEUP SLIDE WEDGE WITH A FAUX SNAKESKIN. Dreamweavers!

Also fantastically beyond awesome?

Baggu, my favorite purveyor of reusable carry-'round totes has teamed up with my OTHER favorite clog-ier No. 6, to make some perfectly be-patterned bags for Spring. Who needs a Jil Sander market tote when you can get a superfuschia cheetah print one for tons less cost but like way more pleasure?


moonwkd said...

but most of all, ur wall paper's sick.

Carnivorous Seaweed said...

clogs have great 90's vibes.
the white h&m pair are my heart's desire.
the tooth backround is to die for.

Sophie Frances said...

Oh my god those shoes are amazing I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR THOSE MY WHOLE LIFE WERE HAVE THEY BEEN!!!! i will find a way to get these, I love the white ones they are just the coolest thing ever ( I think those make up for me not having enough money to buy prada ss11 wacky sneakers)

ita darling! said...

hi there. i don't know you but i have been a lurker for a long time-

first off- so stoked about this collab- my fave pick is the same as yours- LACE UP SNAKE CLOGS. yum

second of all- i was strolling YOOX today and saw these puppies and thought of you.. http://www.yoox.com/item.asp?din=1&tskay=3FD17CD7&cod10=44242400WO&dept=shoeswomen&sts=sr_shoeswomen80

SMD said...

YEs! I love H&M. Wow those shoes look terrific--book me on the next flight to Sweden. Or maybe they sell them online? And the Baggu x No. 6 totes look utterly awesome. And Yeah your wallpaper rocks (my dentist would approve). http://thearcenciel.blogspot.com/

Dc shoes said...

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canvas prints said...

Great stuff, love the style.

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