Out & About: Club Monaco Spring Campaign

Last week I deejayed a lil soiree at Club Monaco. Their Spring Campaign was shot by Ryan McGinley (starring, among others, Lou Doillon & Lauren Hutton) and so we celebrated this aesthetic fantasticness with tiny burgers and blood orange cocktails and live musical performances.

I played some current faves plus a few good tunes for premium party atmosphere:

Party pix + Campaign fun:

1 Close up of Lou Doillon photobooth pix
2 Donald & Lou
3 Flash Times performance (tiny varsity jacket!)
4 Close-up of Donald photobooth pix
5 The store
6 Collage of the photobooth pix
7 Resort options
8 Pedal names for Domino Kirke's guitar player  (pork & guilt??)
9 I love this guy! An employee?
10 India
11 The store
12 Donald & Lauren
13 My official title for the night
14 Lovely Lou

*2, 10, 12, 14 by Ryan McGinley !

This is what I am listening to a lot right now, it felt like a perfect pair with Ryan's photos...


nicolette said...

loving that last photo of lou.

brodie said...

My internet loaded all these pictures super slow so I was waiting for a picture of you by McGinley. When I didn't get one I was sad, but then I saw that playlist! You should totz make the playlist downloadable so I don't have to make my own for my birthday this weekend. Subtle, right?

shelbyyy said...

hey, that donald guy looks kinda like tim lincecum.

Carnivorous Seaweed said...

does lou doillon look like patti smith or what!?
the lace thing and boots go lovely together.

rachel pitt said...

Picture 3! Is that John Etherly? weird weird weird. I live in TN. He is part of our clique. This small world is blowing my mind. Does this make us friends??

Prutha Raithatha said...

that is soo cool... ur always upto something crazy and i love it

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Cathy said...

Nice photography, all the images are so natural and spontaneous.

Unknown said...

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