Pre-Fall 11: Givenchy

Ok..speak up- who out there stared the trend of making the Pre-Fall/Resort slideshows "wackyyyy"?
There's something hilarz to me about how most fashion houses try to out-casual each other- Here, hold this bodega bag! Ooh, let's shoot it in the storage room! Show the seamless! Catch the model at awkward moments!

I'll admit I fell for the Givenchy shtick: they shot every look in the same spot on a sidewalk from morning until night. The darkest looks are set against the bright of day and the all white and lilac pieces are saved for the night. AND there are pedestrians/cars/dogs making random cameos.

It's sort of amazing.

Important: HELLLO winter-white-wool varsity jacket !!!

Also..are those chastity belts?


fashionsdirtylaundry said...

The nuance is almost a self-reflexive commentary on the importance of environment in lookbooks.

... or it's just cool ;) Thanks for the post!

Eugenia Woods said...

Love the long silouettes!

bravegrrl said...

i totally love it! quirky but amazing!

Cara said...

I'm personally loving these awkward slideshows.
This is more than amazing <3.
Loved this post!

AngieMontreal said...

Great photo concept, but HOLY HELL are those nice clothes...the dress/skirt/blouse with coordinating blazer is KILLING ME. Good job design team, good job.

Claire said...

This idea of the shoot is so incredible. I really love how people just walk past, and the light changes. It makes it really great.

J.J. said...

i le love

Unknown said...

love the idea of this. and where exactly does one even get a chastity belt from? is this the new fad? ...remember when rosaries were so big in new york? kind of rad. and wrong.



I hadn't seen this collection...
Love every bit!


Alex daina said...

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