So Best: Madonna Night

Sometimes I have good ideas and sometimes I have GREAT IDEAS.
Back in that hazy olden time we call "2010" (who can even remember that now?) I wondered: if Morrissey could get dance nights devoted to him, why can't MADONNA?
A full night of full-on Madonna Dance Party. Sounds fucking AMAZING, right? Well, Lesley agreed, signed on as my co-conspirator and got us a night at Lit.

It was last night and it was SO. MUCH. FUN.
Some inspirational promotional materials I made for the event:

By the by, if you aren't following me on Twitter and/or Facebook, you are missing out on valuable information SUCH AS THIS.

I wore my most respectable outfit, a tee shirt that Laia gifted me many moons ago (sidenote, I am obsessed with the American Apparel sheer plaid offerings; it's as close to Christopher Kane for Versus as I am gonna get)

I don't want to brag but..we killed it. Lit was pretty packed and everyone was dancing and having a good time! Lots of wonderful familiar faces and some fans (!) and NEW FRIENDS! Plus a dance off, so much Vogue-ing and and 8 minute remisx of Don't Cry For Me, Argentina (my personal fave).

I went out on a digilimb and used my iPad to deejay and that litle wondermachine is the Christmas gift that just KEEPS ON GIVING! I love it so much, I LOVE IT.

I went digging through serious fansites to find some really great Madge-spiration. I call this montage "Extreme Eyebrow Envy":

Thank you thank you THANK YOU to everyone who came out last night  (late! on a schoolnite!) to dance it out with us..It was so fun. We will do it again soon !!!!!


Anonymous said...

I love that Madonna 'Lucky Star' started playing on shuffle just as I went to look at this post!

Sounds like super fun timez were had!

jennine said...

she'll always be married to sean in my eyes.

laia. said...

so bummed i missed last night but will def be there next time!

breanne said...

man, i will try to be there next time!

Isabel said...

Oh my god, the t-shirt is perfect! And I am happy to see you reppin' American Apparel, because well, you know.

Scarlett said...

Ugh..she does have amazing eyebrows...jealous.

Althea said...

holy SHIT.
And here I am stuck in Chi-town...

AngieMontreal said...

It's official, you are highly qualified to be my social event organizer while I'm in NY, you obviously have impeccable taste for events/having fun/good times. Feb. 9-15th....start planning! ;)

Misanthropic Pulp said...

Love that corset-coat thing she is wearing.
She is such an inspiration, I just think she hasn't done anything special in a while...
too bad...

darbie said...

can't believe i missed this!

so many memories of drunken dance party funtimes in that smokey fire hazard dungeon of a basement.


Natalie (NJ in L.A.) said...

Man, that night sounds A W E S O M E!

Anonymous said...

I just made some collages with madonna in then. I liked your paper bags so much I made my own paper Miu miu bag.


Danni said...

I was just thinking last night that i needed to get a bit more into Madonna! Strange, but seems like you guys had the same idea.

Wendy Cook said...

I was checking out the plaid AA skirt online the other day. Might have to go see it in person....

chloe said...

awesome post. madonna, killin it.
(i'm in your topshop post :P )

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