BIrthday Tribute: Kurt Cobain


That outfit in the background has been informing my style for years. May I one day find those sunglasses.

Here's a clip on my fave Nirvana song from an MTV appearance in 92 (which, as the youtube says, is "VERY OLD"). Grunge is dead, indeed.


Anonymous said...

a little pricey but here there are!


María said...

Kurt Cobain the best!!!

Anonymous said...

I like Kurt's outfits and his hair (when it was red).

Amandamarie said...

they have sunglasses in that shape on ebay! i have a pair with clear frames. super cheap definitely check there


Absolutely Mrs. K said...

Oh God another one of my music heroes. It’s like the Beattles and the Rolling Stone’s from the 90’s: Nirvana and Pearl jam, Eddy Vedder is my absolute favorite and the best band in the world. Oh oh I miss grunge, I’ve bought ‘Ten’ three times because I always seem to lose that cd. Grunge is not dead, oh no. the unplugged session of Nirvana at MTV was absolutely amazing, oh girl don’t stop bringing back the heroes.

αΘηνά. said...

great post! Kurt loving you 4ever!
tommorrow i have my bday too..!


Love, athena.

BeamingBeauties said...

Nirvana was such a great band, and grunge is as much about fashion to me as it is about music.

Great post


Unknown said...

love him... too bad such an incredibly talented person left the earth so early..
cool post!

Rachel Clark said...

Love him more than life:( And I too have a thing for the nineties and pretend it's still socially acceptable to wear sweatshirts tied around your waist.

great blog:)

Aquarelle Bleue said...

I just discovered your blog thanks to seaofshoes... You had me at Kurt.



blue roses said...

i love the unplugged cover of bowie's "the man who sold the world"...

his diaries are incredible as well; fascinating doodles.


WendyB said...

I miss him.

Vancouverista said...

Those sunglasses: http://www.openingceremony.us/products.asp?menuid=2&catid=14&subcatid=73&productid=29184

warning: they are expensive

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