FW11: Prada Prada Pradaaaaa

I am finally trying to catch up with all the shows..this is the first time in a million years where I haven't been trying to find the first first first pics up like 5 nanoseconds after the show is over and IT FEELS TERRIBLE. Sort of.

Prada is, of course, the exact combination of everything I never knew I wanted all at once.

There are 2 things that Miuccia always does better than almost anyone:

1. So Wrong It's Right-ness. e.g. the cheesy snakeskin print featured in this collection hasn't had this much play since the pleather pants hey day of the late 90s and in anyone else's hands I would barf, but with MP I am like..'yeah ok, I feel you. LET'S TRY IT!'. SHE KNOWS.

2. COLOR Being a genius with a color palette is hard as hell. It seems like it wouldn't be but trust me, 98% of the population sucks at color. Miuccia (and I would say Karl, in his Fendi collex) is next level. Her combinations are retro but future, surprising and exciting. RIGHT?

Um.. HELLO PINK MARY JANE, YOU WILL BE MINE. Also can we talk about a trompe-l'oeil KNEESOCK?! What in the who in the what?!?!?

These designers that show in Italy love a fucking Amelia Earhart swimcap. Marni, Jil Sander, Prada..all with this fucking hats. I love you guys for trying- AIN'T NO ONE GONNA WEAR THESE.

But I will wear a bathmat. I will.

Courreges feel and color theory at it's finest.



sophie said...

if i could afford the amelia swimcap i would totally wear it!!

Opposite lipstick said...

wow! love ur blog!!!!


Andresgallardo said...


the chic addict said...

The shoes were pretty amazing, I agree.


melina bee said...

yes, I loved this collection so much, too. You're totally right that she has an amazing eye for combining colors and this is a special talent.
The snakeskin and green fur coat reminds me of something Big Boi would've worn (who I ''luh")
Yeah, and I'd go nuts to be in the same room as those amazing trompe l'oeil mary jane boots.

brodie said...

I had to write about this and some other London shows for work and I spent far too long trying to compare the show to evolution.
"uh....we start as snakes - different coloured snakes! - and then progress into woolly mammoths...then go back to being fish/mermaids/pilots..."

Claire said...

Great post. LOVED the shoes and colours, wasn't crazy about the snakeskin socks...

Funky Fondled And Fresh said...

Really cool stuff! I love Prada, she always comes out with some of the coolest shoes!

Unknown said...


ChloƩ said...

The way she gives herself a challenge every season is what I love about her most. She seems like she does one collection with a certain philosophy and then after she's shown it she's like "Why do I think that way? What other ways could I push myself?" She plays with the aesthetic side of fashion, but also its cultural side.
I like the way you made the post more interesting by taking screenshots of the looks, not just pictures of the looks.

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