Have iPhone, Will Travel: It's Too Old & Cold & Settled In It's Ways Here

Isn't it crazy how quickly a vacation can leave your consciousness? Was I really looking at turquoise waters in a baja and sunglasses just one week ago today? Today's arctic winds can really take the California out of a girl.

CA-1 on a sunny day, frozen fried artichokes, a baja from the supermarket + Lanvin x H&M sunglasses pre-hike, rainbow tunnel, banana stand, Dizzy Lizzy, Curly Wurly, CA-1 on a foggy day, the Gold Teeth Master in Oakland, aprés breakfast, yellow ribbons, Hallie's BYOCozy, Jeff & Hallie & Graham & Me (college reunion!), somewhere over the snowy Midwest.

I miss you, California! Do you miss me?!?!


nicolette said...

i miss the bay area.

Trivia said...

agree :p nice pictures

mrs winterbottom said...

"I'll have what she's having"
Pictures I like 'em!

Unknown said...

I know what you mean about the fleeting nature of warm vacations...

That photo of all the ribbons is pretty spectacular.

Trés Awesome
Chicago Street Style

Unknown said...

Lovely pictures. Nothing in this world like sunshine x


ADF Photo said...

There is always money in the banana stand!


Psyched and Such said...

Condragulations, your California adventure was a success, now when are you coming back?

Cole Murphy said...

cool pictures! i like the rainbow tunnel

Anonymous said...

nice bahahaa. seriously though, those pictures are making me envious of your adventures.

athier said...

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x athena.

Unknown said...

lovely pics!!

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