Recent Acquisitions: Flip-Tops & Bow-Necks

Not like I needed to bring aannyythingggggg new into my already packed and schizo closet but you are just not going to keep me out of thrfit store, ya just aren't.

Flip-top Sunglasses : vintage store in SF /// Bow-Neck Blouse (came with a matching skirt, obvi), thrift store way out in the burbs of SF (it was a veritable goldmine out thurrr). Background Photo: taken by me on my flight to Caifornia. Snowy Middle America!

Just getting mah Dwayne Wayne/Gagaloo on.

These are 2 attractive and completely sane iconic figures for an adult woman to aspire to, I don't know why you're making that face.


Fashion's Religion said...

Your posts always make my day much more entertaining. I really like the flip glasses. I purchased a similar pair, the pair that GaGa is wearing in your last picture. But I wore them once and a screw came loose.

Fashion Forestry said...

AMAZING ahahha

Caroline Hulbæk said...

Love the glasess!

o s o p o l a r said...


Arabelle said...

living the greatness. living it so hard

Phoebedeirdra said...

the first thing i thought of here was gaga. dont know if thats good or bad... oh well.

Trés Awesome said...

Those spex are insane asylum! Love that you reference Dwayne Wayne...

Trés Awesome
Chicago Street Style

Eyeliah said...

yes, Dwayne Wayne! I still see adf in syndication sometimes.

Midge said...

I diiiiiiiiiig!

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

What a great pair of glasses, so they have a double function. I love a round pair of sunglasses but it doesn’t fit everybody. I love that gorgeous blue blouse. The color looks great with your dark brown hair.

Brad Fallon said...

Love the glasses! So cute...

brodie said...

of course.

Sofie said...

I simple adore those sun glasses!


m e l i g r o s a said...

cuteeee - found ya via bloglovinn
viva le california bloggies <3

Rosina said...

your collection of eyewear makes me dr00l.

Lindsay said...

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