What in the What: Sneaky Mail Call


The postcard is San Diego, the postmark is Illinois, and all it contains is 2 lines from Pavement's Stop Breathing ("Write it on a postcard: Dad they broke me, Dad they broke me").

All it needs is a lock of Lady Gaga's nose hair taped to it in a pentagram shape and it would be the ultimate in Anon letters.

But really..is this the best piece of postage of all time or should I be scurred? Stephen Malkmus, you can just call me next time.

Thanks, secret mail friend ! That was a thrill.


ronald said...


Six Six Sick said...

Secret ex-boyfriend/lover stalker? As a reformed stalker (only on facebook, I swurr), I would say somebody is thinking about you a little too much! But as long as it's in the form of a twee little postcard, I say it's harmless no?

Anonymous said...

Whaaaa?!! Oh, this is completely awesome. I have to know! Who sent this??

Anonymous said...

To be completely honest, I'm green with envy! Psh, I want a secret mail friend! :)

Kara Marissa said...

To be completely honest, I'm green with envy! Psh, I want a secret mail friend! :)

Whoops, I posted that twice. Sorry

Unknown said...

Ooh a secret admirer - quelle intrigue! Anything with Stop Breathing lyrics on it can only come from a good person, though, that's a fact. But to narrow it down, who do you know in Illinois that's a girl (doesn't look like a dude's handwriting). Could it be Tavi?

dirtbike said...


Chelsea said...

AMAZING! I would die to get that in the mail! Stop breathing is the best.

Couve Illustrations said...

Stephen M., you told me you wouldn't do it! Ha!

I would totally freak out!

Anonymous said...

so i was gonna follow you on twitter cause it said i should for my business and then i see this fashion shit and im all psshhh no way and then i see pavement and i think wait hold on....

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