FW11: Fendi

Remems when I was waxing poetic about Miuccia and her advanced color theories? I have to extend as much respect to my favorite high-collared teutonic* Coke Lite addict, Herr Lagerfeld, for being just as fucking ga-HEEN-yus when it comes to bringing together tones and hues that I swear are paired just for me.

You can't see me but I'm weeping with joy.

The grey coat with the mustard colored pockets and wine shoulder patch thingies?
Fucking perfect.

One thing gave me pause:


But really. This crazyface doesn't faze me- let's get real I would still give anything to walk around in post-Lasik protective eye goggles if it meant I could get my hands on one of these wool wonders.

Constructive Criticism: They could at least come with tiny windshield wipers? Might help.


thesmallviking said...

from one vintage grandma steeze lover to another - FENDI BLEW MY MIND!!!! i want every single thing that went down that runway. instead i'll probably have to take the style.com app and wander around salvation army...

Prutha Raithatha said...

i love all their eye wear every time...

thesmallviking said...

crafternoon on the lovely neckwear??

annie said...

great handbag!



I love that bag!...another reason why i need to be rich.

Anonymous said...


ronald said...


Suzanne said...

the shoes...i must have those shoes!

Genevieve Nollinger said...

Oh the coat is the best! And the shoes! The shoes are lovely, especially with the tights!

Anonymous said...

I love the shoes! I'm now following you. Follow me?


thesmallviking said...

prayers answered: the DIY: http://honestlywtf.com/diy/diy-fendi-frill

Kristi G. Englehart said...

Gorgeous post . Love your post so much .

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