Inspired By: Real Life, Faux Bois, Fake Summer Days

1 Isaac Mizrahi FW11
2 Jil Sander FW11 boot- NECESSARY
3 Smile pile
4 Always spinning
5 First bare legs day, McCarren Park last Friday! (blindingly white lightning/Essie Bermuda Shorts/Ecoté sandals)
6 Sometimes I really love Terry Richardson
7 My dad! on his US naturalization certificate, 1977 !! BUNNIES ON THE BUTTERFLY COLLAR
8 Celine FW11 faux bois (love)
9 My parents' marriage certificate
10 I am the president of the Hot Sauce Committee
11 Indigo's turquoise nails, McCarren Park
12 Yu Masui! In Prada SS11 bananayys
13 Pisco punch
14 I forget?..I love it tho.
15 Vivienne Westwood / Philip Treacy
16 SEX in Fort Greene, Saturday night

background pic by Terry Richardson


Giselle said...

Hey! your mom is dominican?! cool!

Ben said...

I like Yu Masui's outfit.


grace said...

Your mom is dominican! I live in Santo Domingo! Awesome :P

Gnar Jen said...

Please say all those Amazon packages were for you!

pachuco hands said...

Elizabeth! #14 is Suno F/W 2011.

juqeludo said...

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Kristi G. Englehart said...

Amazing life style . I appreciate your style .

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