Love Letter: Mae Whitman

This is an open love letter to the person who is currently the best representation on television of a teenage girl who I remember being/want to hang out with/wanna watch all the time: MAE WHITMAN, who is the awesome Amber Holt on Parenthood (the show you HAVE TO WATCH if you are not already!!!)

First of all:
I can't believe I waited so long to start watching this show.
It's easily the best thing on teevee right now by far..it make sme laugh, and I almost always cry, and after every episode I want to move to Northern Cali real real bad.

It reminds me of My So-Called Life, except you get the points of view of a ton of different characters.
Plus Dax Shepard is maayyyyybeeee my dream man ( I didn't know! Parenthood taught me this!).
Also: Peter Krause!
Also: COACH.


She is the coolest, you guys. And so funny and normally-abnormal. It's so refreshing to see an "alternative" (barf on that word) teenaged character who isn't some weird cliché of what old white guys think is is UP with kids today.

Amber wears mostly black but she isn't like some bad teevee goth and is sorta into vintage-y stuff but not really, sometimes she wears knee socks and brogues or boots and black glasses and red lips and last week she had baby bangs! But she has friends and boys dig her and she sings songs and plays the ukelele is smart and funny and moody and fun.
And Mae was Ann Hog on Arrested Development. I mean, that's just a bonus but still.


WHITE LIGHTNING LOVES YOU, MAE- thanks for ruling.


Unknown said...

I'm totally on the same page as you.. this girl is awesome and I developed a crush on her as I started watching this show a while ago.. she rocks.. she totally rocks the show, I hope to see more of her in movies.. I love she's a normal girl not the typical skinny hot blonde, I love she seems different and smart and way cool to hang out with.
Personally, I wouldn't say it is my favorite show right now, 'cause I'm totally hooked on Mad Men and Glee.. but it is definitely worth to watch.. stay cool!

T-Bonz said...

The costume designer for Parenthood also did 'Foxfire' that not so great early 90's movie with a VERY young Angelina Jolie. Movie wasn't great, but the costumes were 90's disaffected she-teen amazingness.

TuraLura said...

You mean Ann Veal on Arrested Development.

But otherwise yes.

emily said...

Totally agree about Mae Whitman. Hard to believe she's the same little kid from One Fine Day and Hope Floats!

Also Parenthood has the same showrunner (Jason Katims) as Friday Night LIghts, so you get the added bonus of seeing FNL actors (Michael B. Jordan, Minka Kelly) moving over to Parenthood. Love it.

Andrea said...

Definitely the best part, I wish it was more about her. I don't know why I stopped watching that show in the beginning of this season. Maybe I'll check it out again.

dear winsome said...

love her! she's in this too- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySf0-Li1hvk

Samira said...

for real. totally with you on all points. and thanks for erasing my shame about the dax shepard hearts.

melina bee said...

I'm always looking for new shows to watch, peter krause is pretty dreamy (the older brother from 6 feet under, right?).
what made me decide to check this out, though, is you said it's the actress who played ann hog-- I always thought she was cute (cute is hollywood plain anyways)

brodie said...

I have NEVER heard of this show (my first response to this post was ANN WAS IN THAT OLD STEVE MARTIN MOVIE WHAAAA!?), but now it is essential that I see it! Mae is queen. You need to rent Spring Breakdown. It's such good quality single girl grown lady fun! Mae is nerd pals with Lily from Freaks and Gees in it. ~*~b3sT 3va~*~

Isabel said...

Ann? You mean Bland??

Anonymous said...

Hopefully it's on Hulu :D No TV here for me for a couple of months...*sigh*


Anonymous said...

Hopefully it's on Hulu :D No TV here for me for a couple of months...*sigh*


Ringo, have a banana! said...

@TuraLura (and I quote):

Michael: What? Ann’s here?

George Michael: Yeah, I invited her. You said you wanted to spend time some with her. You said I was being an Ann hog.

Michael: Ann-Hog's coming?

:n )

Emilie said...



ita darling. said...

And you did not mention how she plays a lovely little guitar and has a lovely little singing voice.

This show SLAYS me. Every GD week.

Love love love it.

oh, the adventure ! said...

i was so happy to see this post in my google reader !

don't know many people who watch it but i am FANATICALLY in love with the show, the characters, the stories. and the friday night light touches.

oh and amber, my sweet. she is beyond sensational. the baby bangs, the glasses, the red lips, the voice ! could hardly take it.

/end gushing.

Claire said...

Ahh! I watch this show sometimes. It's so good! I love her. :)

Anonymous said...



Unknown said...

I havent watched this show yet, but I will now! I did a post (FINALLY) about out vintage excursion! http://fashionforestry.blogspot.com/2011/03/white-lightning-fashion-forestry.html

Tavi said...


Goo Girls said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gotham Girls said...

Thanks for the rec! Instead of doing important homeworks I have watched this show for the past two days. Mae Whitman is a cool lady, totes the best part of the show.


Angelina said...

awesome girl!

Zaianne said...

I'm in love with her glasses...anyone know what brand it is??

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