Musical Appreciation: La Sera / Devils Hearts Grow Gold

Did you guys know that my lifelong secret dream is to be a fiery ginger with a fierce fringe? Oh, no? Well you DON'T KNOW ME AT ALL!

JK, you guys know my hopes n dreams (mostly the ones that concern Lady Gags, Mark Ronson, platform shoes, technicolor dresses and stuff on my head)

Anyway. This Katy chick from the Vivian Girls is pure ginge-spiration in her side project vid...

Please note that this stars some of my favorite boys of the west coast: Sean aka Har MarDirty Preston & Blaque Chris (Twitter MUST FOLLOWS, all of them). PS, no one in LA has a real name.

Can I dye my hair red for like..just a day?


Unknown said...

I love this video! Sooo cute.
Directed by Vice cooler, who is also a Twitter mustfollow!

Hayley G. said...

Being a ginger myself, I enjoyed this greatly. I wish I could pull of a fringe like that and grow my hair out, but the Southern heat hates me. Boooo.

Andresgallardo said...

love this video and vivian girls

Isabel said...

You would be the best ging ever.

Anonymous said...

That was interesting.

carley said...

such a good song! thanks for showing us.

Grace B. Valerio said...

How funny video . Admire your video clip .

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