Musical Appreciation: The Strokes / SNL

No one, but no one, does filthy and bored like Julian Casablancas. Problem skin + a thickness + the most unwashed hair I have ever seen somehow equals intensely grimy hotness. IT'S YOUR GIFT, JC.

Plus he said FUCK on teevee- YOU REBEL, YOU!

Doree somehow managed to get us 2 tix to the Strokes show at MSG in April. The scale of that venue combined with the fact that Is This It? came out 10 years ago is making my head spin.

This song is really taking care of Monday, feel me?



so GOOD.
fuck 10 yrs. dios mio!
i saw this is it tour when i was still in high school. urgh.

Leighton (demuele)Meester said...

Couldn't be summed up better! You get the impression that his fingernails are kind of long and have strange black gunk under them but you still want to hit it.

laia. said...

im really into your "filthy boredom" thing. so so so approps.

So jealz you get to see them! I saw them during is this it too. its bananas its been 10 years especially because that means ive been living in the states for 10 years and THATS kinda blowing my mind right now.

Emily said...

so lucky your going to the show! i wanted to, but the price and the venue turn me off. i like things a bit more intimate. if i had money i would love to go hah. and i cant believe is this it came out 10 years ago?? what?@!?!? love that album.

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Smokin' hot disinterested rock god zombie, YES PLS.

brodie said...


melina bee said...

I remember when they came out my boyfriend at the time said I looked like JC.
this post brought that memory back, so.. thanks I guess.

Agent Lover said...

GOD I WANNA BONE HIS FACE 4EVA. But Nick still looks like he smells like shit. I gave him a hug once and checked the bottom of my shoe. If you've ever seen the $2 bill show MTV did with them you can see a v young AL wearing a bob, glasses and a yellow shirt...I've loved him since my Velma days!

krista said...

omg. i was going to blog about this until i read yours and i know i couldn't say it better. "Problem skin + a thickness + the most unwashed hair I have ever seen somehow equals intensely grimy hotness. IT'S YOUR GIFT, JC."

truth! why is it hot??? and sad bitter truth....10 years since i saw them at the bowery ballroom. sigh.

Mary J. White said...

Always i appreciate music .

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