Recent Acquisition: The Miu Miu Resort 2011 Crazy Wedge

So..this happened:

Ok, yeah I do- I just really had to have this be my reality.

I have yet to wear them out of the house, but when I DO- WATCH OUT, NEW YORK CITY.
I have to change these white laces out first though, they are sort of harshing my mellow?! The sock game possibilities are seemingly ENDLESS with these things.

Should I wear these to the gym?..I do live in Chelsea, I feel like the gays next to me on the ellipticals would just be like WERK.


Miss Molly said...

oh wow. those are something else :)


Jean said...

Hello, amazing! I've had the hugest crush on these!



Elizabelle said...

Oooh, I have those socks! Mebbe I should get these to go with them? http://bit.ly/dQQPPy Much more manageable for me...

readwatchrelax said...

i see why you had to have those! very awesome! and they look so versatile too. Winning!!

laia. said...


and also RAYGUN!

Anonymous said...

You got them!


Manning said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
nicolette said...

i accidentally left the above comment under my boyfriend's account. oopsies.

and it said:


and i meant every word of it.

Unknown said...

Congrats on the buy! They re stunning!

> Join my GIVEAWAY!

Six Six Sick said...

Amazing. I love them paired with those socks--are they Tabio?

melina bee said...

may I ask if these were a gift or you bought them?
either way, really awesome and can't wait to see the exciting ways you wear them. just not at the gym, even in chelsea

Sunshine said...

subtle insane
so right

brodie said...

incred. The "Must Have Now" post about these popped up in the related posts for this. Relevant.

Ria said...

Incredibly jealous of you right now. Haha I can picture you at the gym in these striking a pose on the machines.

Lindsay said...

Ugh, those are sick. Literal endless sock options, I'm totally jealous right now.

Are they super comfy? They look super comfy.

Anonymous said...

so freakin hot!


Claire said...

SO sick! I love them with the socks...

Simen said...

Awesome shoooes :)

Furniture Stores Los Angeles said...

Fun shoes! they look really comfortable.

Grace B. Valerio said...

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