Important: Saoirse Ronan in HANNA

I am mildly obsessed with Saoirse Ronan.

She is a stoic milky teen assassin with knotted crazified whiteblonde hair and I love her.

HANNA got me so amped..don't ask me to explain the plot because I really can't (who needs plot?!?) but the visuals and music and color and action had me bouncing around in my seat becuase I felt so inspired to go fuck shit up (in the way that a girl with a corporate job and 5 inch wedges can).

I can't wait to see the fash influence that Saoirse will have- smeone is gonna have translucent blueeyed wildchildz in flowin tunics on their runway come September, mark my words.

 It's the 90siest movie I've seen in a hundred years. The soundtrack is by THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS which is so hilariously fantastic that I can't handle it.

LISTEN TO THIS ON YOUR WAY TO WORK..you will feel 1000% more badass, I PROMISE.
Actually..listen right now.
Listen while you read this post.
Listen and imagine the milky teen assassin above decimating military men and her face sprayed with blood and her expression never changing and fuuuck I loved this movie !


Unknown said...

saw this movie this weekend and am still obsessing over it. did you notice the part when erik was walking through the bus station in germany and agents were tailing (watching) him and the graffiti and ads on the wall were all EYES? pure awesomeness!

sarahspy said...

yes! i saw this movie just last night and was wowwed for all the same reasons you mentioned. so badass.

annie said...

I must watch this movie!


Sian said...

I hadn't really looked into this film but after this post I'm excited for it to be released, where I am, so I can see it! x

Natalie (NJ in L.A.) said...

Now I'm even more pumped to see it!

gillian said...

Hope they paid you enough...nice plug!

Anonymous said...

I love her gorgeous hair and pale eyes - stunning beauty

Ben. said...

Yeah, saw her in The Lovely bones for the second time the other day.. and her performance blew me away just as much as it did the first time. A real talent in the film industry.


elizabeth said...

TOTALLY!! agree about the 90s-ness. That was the first thing I said to my husband when we left the theatre. It made me want to go home and re-watch 12 Monkeys and Strange Days and Hackers and all the movies I thought were super cool in highschool.

Loved her look, loved the dichotomy between her soft innocence and icy assuredness, and love seeing girls kick ass on film.

geri hirsch said...

feel the same way. i left that movie AMPED the fuck up. immediately bought the sound track and stalked saorise.

LAX Car Service said...

In a way, she kind of looks like a more weathered Dakota Fanning. I haven't seen the movie, but from the comments and your description I'm going to have to check it out. Plus, who doesn't love to watch a girl kick butt?

Stefanie said...

well FOK the song was taken down by youtubes. The whole first half of this post where it's just pictures and "HANNA" and "SAOIRSE RONAN" text is seriously creeping me out. This was written by a Vancouver film school grad! Need to see it stat.

fairy on acid said...

Aweesome! :)


Deutschland said...

I compare her face just like Mother Mary,mother of God :) so innocent looking and very pretty.

Anonymous said...

I first saw saoirse in the lovely bones, and HANNA sounds like a very interesting concept. wanna go watch.

Michelle Lee said...

i wanted to see this movie too


Michelle said...

I loved the movie! And the music was perfection, definitely got the heart thumping. :)


wall art said...

What a brilliant post, need to see this film still!

Erin said...

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