Currently Into: Japanese Nail Mania

I recently got my nails did.

Not like, the regs 20 mins "Pick your cuh-lah" whatevs manicure that I usually get (when I don't do a red red shellac), but a serious gelled up sparklefest nail situation painted on with like 3 hairs tied to a stick by an adorable Japanese girl who thought my first timer choices were very "conservative".

I was brought to Sakura by my friend Anaheed who is an old pro at this nail game- she had a plan and photos and a whole thing. I was like.."Oh um..can you copy this lightning bolt tattoo on my arm, and can I mabes get some jewels?" Anaheed got stars n gold glitter and was a star customer. I need to work up to this status, IT WAS MY FIRST TIME OKAY?!

I resolve to commit to memory every new style in the latest issue of Nail Up! so that next time I will do better, weirder, and more extravagant.
I want like, 3D castles built up and shit.
Maybe my own face painted on a pinkie nail.
My crush's name spelled in braille rhinestones across all ten nails?




Swan said...

Cool! I got mine done all fancy once. I'm not very fancy right now. I need fancy!

Kayla said...

omg this looks like SO much fun.

haha <3 !! cute!!

Kayla xx


Bianca said...

I like these alot! My fave is the gold glitter with the black stars.

Sophie said...

Love it. I prefer the look with short nails.

Sian said...

These are awesome! I think your nails look great, especially the lightning bolt! xx

Rachel said...

i love that place... i got a little addicted so had to quit cold turkey, it was draining my bank account!

lisa tomiko said...

gah! i was starting to have white lightning withdrawals! these nails are amazing!

a reference said...

the stars! i must have them!

Emma Z said...

wow that is fancy! I love it so detailed!


The Styley said...

Freaking great. I love a totally tricked out nail situation.


Michele said...

Nice, I just did an eyeball manicure so now I have EYEBALLS on my nails. Love your nails! And I can't wait to see those 3D castles

Percy Owl said...

I have owned 'tokyo look book' for years now and I think that's where I first saw trippy nails. Like cabachons on there and everything! Once I wore a rhinestone decal and I felt so japanese nail styles :P
Love the lightening bolt especially, and the stars are awesome. Especially the gold and black.

AngieMontreal said...

Sigh...I try to do fun nails every once in awhile, but I destroy them in like 2 days...one of the hazards of working with your hands I guess...damn jewelry pliers!

VanityofVanities said...

That is a colorful one, eh. I love the styles of Japanese when it comes to haircut, as well as on their nails.

Thanks for sharing,
Cathy@uniforms scrubs

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Cool! I got mine done all fancy once.

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Suzanne said...

Their nail polish are more attractive .

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Unknown said...

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