Favorite Things: Early Summer Loves

So...I had to plug may air conditioner in- THAT HAPPENED. That monumental day in every New Yorker's life is sort like when the groundhog sees his shadow- it means 800 million more days of humid shweaty unbreathable HELL. JUS KEEDING, I LOVE SUMMER ! (sorta?)

Currently I am verrrrry interested in a perfect summer weekend. Three things I need:

1. My only suitcase. Vintage, broken zippers, hard to hld for any length of time, and gives off a distinct TEEN RUNAWAY ON THE GERYHOUND vibe (very hot for SS11)

2. Ray-Ban Light Rays. 3 diff lenses (mirrored & regs are my favorite), a tiny lil case to carry the lenses you want for later. (Mine were courtesy of Sunglass Hut and you can get yr own here). I like popping the lenses in and out, there's a pleasing click to it.

3. A VW Bus. This guy was in the parking lot of the hotel I stayed in this weekend, it's the most mint condish beautiful version of heaven that I have ever seen. The longer I am in this city, the more I want a way to escape. Did I tell you that I inherited a VESPA? More on that later...

I need an iced coffee..you want me to get you one?


Andrea said...

That paisley suitcase reminds me of one I got at a Salvation Army, except it was super bright orange and yellow. I loooved it, until the day I stuffed it too full and it ripped next to the seem and couldn't be fixed. I'm still in mourning.

Unknown said...

mice post!
love this suitcase! :)

Megan Hattie said...

Oooooo that bus, I want to take a roadtrip RIGHT NOW. Love your desktop background too :)

--Megan//The Martian Tide

melina bee said...

I have that same suitcase! (but in green not blue) 60s psychedelic suitcases are the best.
I wish I had a stylish van or trailer, too. it's kinda the big , mobile version of the psychedelic suitcase I guess.

The Styley said...

The person carrying that suitcase and wearing those glasses definitely belongs on that bus, heading out of NYC on some "On the Road" type adventure.

brodie said...

Can you plz continue with weather reports throughout summer? We just had a manageable one in Australia and I've welcomed an awesome winter, but I'm moving to NYC in late July and do not want to be Schvitzy McChafesalot when I get thurrr. xo

Anonymous said...

Love the Raybans.


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Unknown said...

The suitcase is so lovely :) all those colorful prints on it and its vintage style is making one amazing combination.

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Betty said...

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Jolly said...

Really funny collection, those are also my favourite.




kelinci said...

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