Hey Now: West Coast Times

Hey y'allz..Heading to LA today for 5 days of vacaciones.
I haven't been to Los Angeles in like 2 years, not since Vision Quest 2009 ! My recent west coasting has been confined to Portland, Seattle & San Francisco. Well that's gonna change TODAY.

I'm excited..are you excited? Yeah ME TOO!

PS Tupac woulda been 40 today. DANGHOLE


melina bee said...

totally unrelated to this post: Did you buy or try on the Munster shoes yet? I am visiting Chicago and passed by the store and you'd intrigued me about them so I had to try them on... Sorta wish I hadn't b/c they are too wonderful and unexpectedly comfortable. wish I could find a fault with them...

Mireille said...

love tupac

oh and check this out: http://hipsterdays.blogspot.com/

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