Printed Matter: WHAT ME WORRY & Other Great Things

Went on a little printed matter spree at uh, Printed Matter.

1. WHAT ME WORRY by Andrew Kuo  
Beautiful / funny / sometimes sad charts and graphs of bands/live performances/albums and feelings. They're amazing (he's done them for the NYT for years). I've known Kuo since we were teenagers but I woulda got this anyway- it's a pretty gorge object. Find this book and buy it.

2. Retard Riot buttons by Noah Lyon
Well, I DO blame society so...you know.

3. Richardson magazine, B.L.A.D. zines by Ian Stevenson
Richardson is super porny but sometimes I like to get it...The Ian Stevenson zines are my new favorite thing EVER. I am going back today to buy every one that they have. Just a lof great weird line drawings saying some kinda terrible things. He's my current art crush.

4. Assorted issues of Retard Riot & Confusing Question by Noah Lyon 
Ok so I have an art crush this dude too. PS Issue #37 has Shaved Head Britney Era pics in it, that's enough to make me heart you.


Hazel said...

omg I love Ian Stevenson TO DEATH. He's hilarious.
Cher is my mom is, simply, a FANTASTIC BUTTON

fashionablecelebs said...

Fucking cool. Love the buttons.


Austin Birth Center said...

i like your style is so nice.

Steffen said...

haha i love those buttons! :)


jansmithxxx said...

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Bella said...

CHER IS MY MOM. Elizabeth for all the awards. ALL THE AWARDS.Retard Riot and Confusing Questions look like great zines.

Mat said...

i have what me worry, pretty immense stuff

G O D said...

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clipping path said...

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