Crafternoon: Old Chair Is Sorta New

I live like a real grown-up now, you guys. I have furniture and stuff on the walls and I like having people over because I have NICE(ish) THINGS.

I've learned I have a bit of an addiction to chairs.
As you can imagine this is a bit of an issue in Manhattan apartment living.

They are all vintage and all have various odd prints and patterns and I like them all a lot.

Last weekend my aunt and uncle had a garage sale and I spied a pair of rattan arm chairs that were my parents'..they were in our apartment when I was a baby (I remember them really clearly- in the living room, on either side of the glass and wood coffee table- that I broke when I was 8 and tried to make an indoor slide BUTS THAT'S ANOTHER STORY) and we had them somewhere in some room of whatever house we lived in forever after that.

I assume my aunt & uncle inherited them when my parents moved back to Manhattan 10 years ago but who knows..the point is that I saw them and couldn't let them be someone's else's.

BEFORE (can you stand the suspense?

There are some broken rattan bits but the burnt orange velour seats are in impeccable condition..The label underneath says GIMBEL'S (can ya stand it?). As much as I love everything 70's, even I needed to excitebike up this situation right here.

Enter IKEA fabric, and IKEA pillow and some safety pins.



This was all technically FREE because the pillow came of of my couch (I have 2) and the fabric has been hanging around in my closet for a year.  

I could have pulled my sewing machine out and turned this fun project into a chore but I DIDNT..I safety pinned that shiz and got it done in about 5 mins.
But I did do it it real reupholster styles- notched corners and folded tight. Just don't flip that cushion over or we got issues, mmkay?


ps, background is Cy Twombly, Untitled 1970...RIP


laia. said...

dude im SO obsessed with your apartment. it's my #1 inspiration

Megan Hattie said...

So jealous of your manhattan apartment, what a dream. And nice work with the chair! Diggin' that pillow!

--Megan//The Martian Tide

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

Amazing. x hivenn

Paulette said...

That looks awesome. And I'm kinda dying at the Gimbels....

Side Street Style said...

Ooooh I love this, what a sweet little makeover - that chair rocks now!! Very creative - I love it

Laura x

Anonymous said...


amazing. so aztec of you.
love it!

annie said...

one of the coolest diy projects i've seen!


Sophie said...

Post more apartment shots! I still live at home and like to live vicariously through others homes!

Claire M. said...

So cool! I love the second chair, the colors are all great ;)

Emily said...

I love the mixing of the opposing fabrics. The chair looks great now.

Emily http://www.mywordsinterestslife.blogspot.com

Hope Thompson said...

LOOOOOVE. I am so into chair makeovers. So many people just don't GET IT but it makes you feel so accomplished, haha!

Zoe said...

Your chair is fantastic! I love a bit of interior design! I am very much envious of your apartment living in Manhattan x

Jenny said...

awesome stuff.

faux leather furniture said...

I love the way on how you gave a new exciting life to an old chair! Awesome.:)

The Styley said...

Okay, those chairs are awesome. Very cool.

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