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A few things in my life that I currently have a keen interest in:

You can send it to me here, if you like.

I bought these in LA a few weeks ago. They are VERY WEIRD, I fully understand that. I figured if I was not going to get Prada flatforms (I have put myself on a spending HIATUS)..I would go for the direct reference instead. UK label supefat CREEPERS! People give you the EYE when you wear these, I gotta tell ya.

Mainly just with my boyfriend. Who is the most fun person to be weird with so I guess it makes sense. (T-shirt courtesy of SOPHOMORE.)

Last week I got a little rowdy with my best friends from high school...after 3 Mezcal cocktails we thought it would GENIUS to give each other homemade tattoos?!?! We only made it as far as tattooing Ted. I gotta say...it was RILLY RILLY FUN. I may have discovered a new talent ?!?!?

I realize this is not a new trend in rings but I just feel really smitten with this lil guy. I bought him on the street in lower Manhattaaa for about 10 bucks. I feel automatically tougher when I wear it?

I was at work superlate one night and did you know that CHAMPS is open til midnight in Times Square? Well it is. And I wandered in, felt compelled to buy a warm up jacket, and wandered out. It's my new cardigan replacement (maybe not really, but I would like it to be?)- my fave way to wear it is with my overalls minidress and white Magiela clogs

Bought this on my ladydate with Marie a few weeks ago..it's my now preferred red. The tube is a gold old vintage bullet shape and it comes in a little red velvet pouch, it's so VERY.


Andrea said...

So jealous of those creepers.

I was actually going to purchase these ( http://www.underground-cybershop.co.uk/acatalog/limited_edition_creepers.html ) but I am broke as a joke :(

Isabel said...

Need. Creepers. Real. Bad.

Glad to see you're back at blogging!! I've been HELLA uninspired myself lately.

chelseybell. said...

all of this made my day.

Megan Hattie said...

Yes to those crazy creepers, stick 'n' pokes (I have 3) and red lipstick!

--Megan//The Martian Tide

melina bee said...

man, I love snail mail and am a totally good pen pal. I send letters or postcards every week so I will have to write you. I didn't realize you worked at bon appetit, does that mean you get to eat all day?

Kdotorg said...

I love those creeper! Need to get me some of them.

Zo said...

I love getting real post, it's so nice compared to all the usual junk and bills I get x

Opposite lipstick said...

love it


Cess said...

I love mail too! And I am totally in love with that color of lipstick!
Please view and comment on my blog!

Ben said...

I to am jealous of the creepers! They are so TALL and wonderful!


Hello. said...

I <333333 Photo Diaries.


Victoria said...

Your creepers are LIFE. Heard topshop are doing a collaboration with them... can't wait to see. But yours are truly amazing. As is the Addidas jacket :) xx

Blue said...

Real mail is the best thing in the world.

Michele said...

Amaaaazing creepers. I saw a pair like these a while ago but they had some pink on them and it completely turned me off. I love the mega platform though

Jacob Kassay's Cousin said...

Oh, gawwd. lulz!!

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