Recent Acquisition: Henrik Vibskov boots

Sometimes I lose time.

You know, like...you go to California and you're all high on life and then work is kinda bananz and then you just don't really update your blog at all and then you go back to California and Creatures of Comfort is having a 50% off sale and you don't really wanna buy anything but then you walk out with these:

..and they're so fucking weird that it inspires you to start blogging again.

So here we are! Me and you (and you- yeah, you) and all of us.

Just us and these Henrik Vibskov hiking boots on a flamboyant, yet patriotic, acid trip.
Fact: They are the most comfortable shoes I currently own.

They give me the a really attractive air of a Clydesdale.


laia. said...

OH SHIT! i didnt realize these were open-toed. so totes amazzzzzzzing.

Vanessa said...

Ah the colour pop is making me SMILE :)

edgertor said...

more pictures, please! want to see these from the side!

Sophie said...

Yay keep bloggin lady. Such a great inspiration.


melina bee said...

wow, I love these! you always pick the most interesting and cool shoes

Julia Svenson- Haart said...

I have been wanting these shoes for ages.. still full price down under :(

Quenny said...

Huuuummm J'aime!

Bise de France.



william said...

I tried these on once and they really are absurdly comfortable. Hadn't ever seen this colorway before, it's definitely an eye catcher.

Irusja said...

I love the shoes! They are awesome!


mir said...

side view??

Blue is in Fashion this Year said...

Oh I love them too! I also found the black ones on sale and still consider buying them... are they really comfortable?
(I buy shoes with hees but end wearing always flats :D)

clipping path said...

Nice shoe . Thanks for sharing .

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