Today's Special: Girl Outta Time

My whole life is spent lamenting the face that I was born in the wrong era. If it weren't for the Pirin tablets..I don;t know how I'd get through


This is one of the first lewks I have been feeling in a long while. What can I say, summer in New York sucks a fat one and is not what you would call SARTORIALLY INSPIRING.
At last not for me, I love polyester and tights, kid!
That shit is not humidity friendly.

I got this dress in LA a few weeks ago on a lil shopping trip with Marie..It's one of my fave kinds of poly-frocks; it looks like separates but REALLLYYY its one whole thang! I TRICKED U.

The colors are magnificent.

Also, important: the ONLY color I want to get when I get a pedicure is OPI 'No Room For The Blues'.  It's bright bright crazy rave skyblue but SOMEHOW it looks GREAT.
Trust me!!

As I look at these pix I realize all that is missing is a thing gold chain around my ankle????


Claire said...

The PRINTS and COLOURS! So perfect, so perfect.

brodie said...

The fact that this faux shirt-and-skirt combo is actually a dress gives me hope for the world.

Chelsea said...

oh this is just magnificent! I can't believe that is a dress... I was thinking blouse plus skirt, but I love it all the same. and the gigantic wedges are calling to this dankso-clad lady. what is happening?

anyway... love the look. and especially love the birdcage reference.

Hazel said...

every time you post a pic of that miu miu bag i am just like SWOON SWOON SWOON


that is one fab skirt

medina said...

bitCH! if you don't take my dress off! dayum, just stole my shit. lemme call judge mathis cuz you ain't gon get away with all that cute..

laia. said...

basically what hazel said.

jc said...

my dear lass - you may have been born in the wrong fashion era (although i believe your daily ensembles span many disparate decades so i'm not sure exactly which one you would fit in) but you are definitely in the RIGHT place. Only new york could contain and complement your zany fruit.

lots of love from a dag in dagsville


Ugh. Yes to that skirt

Marie said...

AHHH I LOVE IT! LOOKS SO GOOD!!!!! We shall go to Burbs when you come back again (not on Monday obv!)


death_sexxx said...

cool as fuck glasses miss!!

Eve said...

I am having a seizure from your skirt. Loveee<3

Jacob Kassay's Cousin said...

Yikes! It's rough gettin' old! Seeing these pics makes me wanna hang on to my 20's as long as possible! Maybe you should start a beauty blog?! Lolz!!!!

Zoe said...

Your dress is fabulous :) x

cheap designer handbags said...

looks pretty and good in this outfit. thanks for sharing it with me. hoping to look same when i reached that age.

sarah said...

LOVE your birdcage quote!

and your new dress isn't shabby either. very nice.

pinkmate said...

great skirt!!!



Jay said...

Absolutely LOVE the dress! It is uber fab! :) So...what era where you supposed to be born in? *I ask as I do a happy little dance* (As I have never met anyone who feels that way..besides me..! :) ..)

reeha@gift ideas said...

this outfit is perfect and great. thanks for sharing. glasses you wear is so nice. its a Ray-ban stuff?

canvas prints said...

Really great post, love the outfit.

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