Obsessed With: Stine Goya

I bought this printed cotton Stine Goya..dress-thing on the internets, sight unseen (it's basically the Sassy magazine pillowcase/dress DIY..it's a rectangle with holes for your body parts that need holes). It was a genius purchase.

It sorta has a rorschach print on it? As you can see here, where I am wearing it in from of a Warhol Rorschach. See? Rorschachs. (Ed Note: it is very pleasing to type that word).

It came with a fabric belt but guess what? SOmetiems I go rogue! Wear my own belt! Patent leather! YOU CAN'T STOP ME!
Pic by Preston, on a sweltering Saturday at LACMA

I wear it just about every third day. To say I luv it is an understatement.

Check it with penny loafers and this perfectly round gold bag that I bought in LA on a thrift trip with Marie (I call it the Golden Snitch. I'm a nerd).

More of the dress at LACMA! They have a whole room of Koons' there. Have you ever seen this much Koons at once? I have not! PS, Preston is wearing an MC Escher tee that glows in the dark (you are welcome for that information)

The second to last pic is from a hotel we stayed in in Minneapolis, it was sorta baller! Clog sandals by Ecoté. Bottom pic shoes are Worishofers.

This dress is a dream. Can't wait til I can wear it with yellow tights and mayyybeee a longsleeved shirt UNDERNEATH? Let's get wild!


Christina said...

titling pix based on what you're wearing: noted. I try to get fancy and lose them in the abyss of my hard drive...

Haidée said...

Love the pics and LOVE your blog really cool


Fenke said...

this looks like the kind of dress i've been looking for all summer... now - on to tights and cozy knits :-)

Cess said...

I love the pink picture! i totally would wear that dress with yellow tights!
Please check out my blog! Id be honored if some one as cool as you did (sorry if I sound sappy and kiss ass-y, its just your blog is pretty cool)


Sunshine said...

super cute dress, but that gold bag is making me wicked jealous

Erica said...

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jenny said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress

Miranda said...

more like Obsessed With: You, Forever.
(shawty you the best)

Magnet said...

Oh that is a nice dress and I like the nailpolish on your toes.. ha. I hope that doesn't make me sound creepy.

Iridescent Adolescents said...

That dress is really endearing. I, too, can't wait to start fall-proofing all of my favorite summer dresses and skirts with tights and cardigans... best time of year!

Marie said...

I have to tell los ~Moving Sideways~ how that golden ball reminded me of BODHI from ROLLERBABIES

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